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The Improv School of Learning is a multi-faceted training centre for everything that concerns Improv and its scope. It is founded by ICB and is run in conjunction with Flux studios, Indiranagar, Bangalore.  This is the first of its kind Improv-exclusive establishment in India that covers Improv in theatre, Improv in movement, Improv in music, comedy, storytelling, applied Improv etc. The aim of this school is to effectively build programs in Improv that are applicable and convenient to one and all. The school not only focuses on active skill-building through its workshops and programs but aspires to create overall performance artists and transformed individuals.

Our faculty is comprised of professional facilitators both in theatre and movement who have worked with a multitude of people and productions with a combined experience of over 25 years.  

ISL is also open to collaborators across India and abroad to come be a part of the faculty on a temporary or longterm basis. Through the collaboration, our goal is to introduce newer philosophies, perspectives and techniques that build upon a general awareness and diversity of Improvisation.

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