Workshop FAQs

1. Are the workshops that repeat going to be the same?
A: They aren't. Each workshop will be different from the other specially in those that have different facilitators.


2.  Oops! I booked the wrong workshop. I wanted to opt for another instead. Can I change it?

A: Yes! Just write to us on and we'll change your workshop slot.

3. I know nothing about Improv. Can I still participate?

A: Yes, please! The basics that we are going to introduce to you are applicable to life in general and therefore, anyone can be a part of these workshops.

4. Can I get someone along to watch the workshop?

A: If it is important that your parent/ friend/ partner stay with you for that time, we will understand. If otherwise, we'd rather have them participate too.

5. Do I need to carry anything for this workshop?

A: If you would like to take notes, do feel free to carry a book and pen. Otherwise, it's not required.

6. Will there be a break in the 3 hour workshop?

A: Yes, there will be. The break time will be specified by the facilitator at the start of the workshop.

7. Once I do the workshop, can I perform with you guys?

A: Eventually, yes. If we see you are potentially grasping Improv at a faster pace or are bringing something new, we can consider it. It would still take time, dedication for practice with the group and your love for the art to actually perform on stage with us.

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