Nasir Engineer

Nasir is the Artistic Director of ICB. He has performed in over Improv 100 shows across India and formatted over 50 of them for ICB. He has trained beginner batches in Improv since 2013. He started Bangalore's first 8 week intensive program. He is also the festival director of India's first and only Improv festival - The Bengaluru Improv Festival. 

Balasree Viswanathan 

Balasree was initially trained in the US and has been actively doing improv for 4 years now. She has performed shows in the US and across India. She teaches improv with the goal of making people comfortable with being silly and to bring back the child-like wonder of storytelling. Bala is a member and "Grand Vizier" of The Adamant Eves, India's first and only active all-women improv ensemble, as well as one half of the improvised Musical duo Hum, along with Nasir Engineer.

Abhishek Desai

The sooner Abhishek shares his updated bio, the faster we can update it over here

Arjun Mehra

Arjun first stumbled upon Improv in Barcelona in 2015 through a meetup group for ‘Improv in the Park’. Since then he’s done over 200 shows and worked with improv artists from around the globe including Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, and Felipe Ortiz.  For the last two years, he’s been performing at the Courtyard Playhouse, in Dubai, as part of its ensemble cast. On a good day, he likes to discuss the intricacies of everyday bowel movements and the fine craftsmanship involved in ‘letting it go’. On other days, he’ll bite your ear off in defence of the versatility of the sandwich.

Laxmi Priya

Equipped with a postgraduate degree in English studies and work experience across the fields of education, spontaneous theatre, corporate training and academic editing, Laxmi is a strong believer in intersectionality and the power of education in empowerment. She enjoys working with children and children-like adults the most because, to her, curiosity is an inflexible fuel for creative living. She has taught theatre at Airaa Montessori, the Goonj, regularly in the past and also conducted theatre and creative expression workshops for children at Enerjuvate, Koramangala and Chitrashalaba Summer Camps, Yelahanka. She also engages with children of different ages regularly as a tutor of many humanities subjects. Her experience on stage is to live out her belief that spontaneous and devised theatres confront the nooks and crannies of one’s hitherto unexplored self.

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