Improv is a team art. It teaches the most fundamental of human qualities to be supportive of one another.

As human beings we are surely going backward when it comes to looking out for and caring for one another. In a business environment, colleagues are either indifferent to one another or may not look eye to eye. This is detrimental to team spirit. Through the practice of Improv, we can bring forth ways in which team members feel openly comfortable in their own skin, feel safe to express their feelings and learn to make the other person look good.

What you'll get from our team building program

Environment of Care: We are all constantly suppressed by the fear of self judgement and judgement by others. Our first priority will be to create a space where everyone is encouraged to thrive with their own individualism.

Support and Trust: Through a series of fun activities, we will help the participants see the level of trust and support they offer and and how do they respond to the lack of it.

Scenario Replay: By presenting real-life improvised scenarios we can get to see how the participants state they genuinely are there for the other not just through words but through action as well.

Caring with body language: More often than we'd like to admit, our words and our bodies do not speak the same. Words cover up what our bodies truly feel. We will work towards listening to our bodies and portray honest feelings of comfort to the other person and help them thrive

Empathy: Empathizing with someone makes the world of a difference other than offering rhetoric lines such as "It will all be okay." We will help one to open and share their empathetic sides. 

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