Why Make A Community?

It's been 4 and a half years since ICB took off with it's first public performance as a group. Being a team of people who were occupied with full-time jobs and no financial backing for this 'venture', we were aware that our growth would be slow. But through this time of carefully planned efforts to keep a momentum going, we were clear that our aim was going to be 'people.' We wanted to bring the practical experience of Improv to people and hope that they would love it.

A few months after our first public show, we began our journey to spread the word of Improv. One of the activities we pursued was to have 'Improv at the Park' sessions. These were free 2 hour Improv sessions at Cubbon park to invite curious individuals to try Improv out. From there on, we began having short workshops, jam events, social occasions to keep the growing number of interested individuals engaged with Improv through a plethora of choices. We are very grateful to say that today, there are a lot of people who are a part of a community database, who we see come for our events time and again and who have been amazing enough to help us network and find opportunities to bring Improv to more and more organizations and people.

A community is where there is a shared energy of people who actively begin to look out for one another. There is a lot to be be thankful to people for when they choose to be a part of your community..and there is a lot to be thankful for to yourself too because you are doing something right when they come. In all the joy of spending time together, the very idea you've been trying to promote to the masses becomes something everyone is inclined to know more about rather than being forced upon with. That should be the aim - to never sell but to show how much you care for your idea that you give everyone else time to see the value in it too.


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