Mistakes - A Different Take

Updated: Jan 6

How often would you say, from as far back as you remember, did you get terribly nervous about confronting someone because of what you think was a 'mistake' made? It's something that does happen to many of us. And it is perhaps to do with the fact that as we grow older, we invariably get conditioned to associate a consequence that comes right after we make a mistake. This association, unfortunately, is what overshadows someone's potential to express freely without fear. There is already a thick prevalence of judgement in the world we live in. And to top that off with the fear of making mistakes.. it can crumble one's personal freedom to express.

Improv is an art form that teaches one to embrace these so called mistakes. They say 'Every mistake is a gift' as one famous quote goes. When you play Improv, you are firmly planted into each moment, taking you to the next, helping you discover every step of the way. Here, since you are creating either your line of dialogue or action or reaction in the moment, the choice you for either of those make becomes the established reality. Its considered rude to question a choice on stage in Improv no matter how unusual or judgmental someone considers of it. We rather support that 'unusual' choice by weaving something meaningful around it, thereby, making the other person look good and there is never a question of anything looking like a mistake.

That's what is missing from our every day lives.

Any person, specially who works in an environment where mistakes are frowned upon, will feel closed up and uncomfortable to express their ideas or opinions as they fear it will be shot down. Let's become more aware of ourselves and change this. Every person has an inner desire to feel freedom to be able to express themselves. The conditioning has stripped us away of it.

There is a serious amount of unlearning required. And these little things go a long way in shaping desirable personalities and environments where everyone is able to thrive and share their best potential.


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