Acceptance: A Word More Powerful Than You Think

For those who have or will end up taking any Improv class, the one word you will certainly get to hear is 'acceptance'. This word is truly a breathtaking word for all that it signifies underneath.

Our world in this present day and age is a massive togetherness of people of different cultures, ethnicity, beliefs and not to forget the diverse types of environments and all the inhabitants that call each of them their home. What becomes a sour and distasteful notion many end up evangelizing is that every thing that is different from what we know is either 'wrong' or is treated with a negative attitude. This is quite the unhealthy practice to live by. And it is unhealthy because we end up revolting people out of our lives. This lackluster apathetic version of ourselves becomes entrenched in our personality and turns into an unwelcoming vibration we carry.

But here is the good news..the most wonderful feeling comes at the polar opposite of it - A feeling of accepting and being accepted. Kids do this and nobody teaches them to be so. As we grow older, we infact get taught how to stop being open-hearted to others and put barricades over ourselves and others. This requires unlearning. Improv helps.

Improv is such an incredible art form that in order for it to work, two people HAVE TO let go of judgement and begin accepting one another and their ideas. For something meaningful to happen on stage, two improvisers traverse the world of their different thoughts and once they discover the common ground of thought, they end up having so much fun together. And so does the audience. That unlearning of judgement and learning of acceptance happens in Improv. We grow and experience something new when we open ourselves up to new environments and people and atleast give ourselves the opportunity to take the effort to understand what we are ignorant about.

We are in ardent need of more in this world. As individual, we regress when our first response to something different is to 'dislike' it. Rather, we can be curious about it. Curiosity gives us scope to become informed about the very things we are quick to dismiss. As one famous quote goes "Life is crazy and when you place judgement on yourself and others, you build walls. Break them down and be in awe of what can happen."


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