The #PerryWeerd Tour

Laura and Gael are traveling the world together to teach and perform all over the world. They are both experienced teachers, improvisers, and trainers, having traveled on their own in the last few years. Just married, they decided to work for a full year from abroad, traveling from place to place for the season 2019-2020. That’s how is born the Perryweerd Tour!



In this duo show, we follow the impossible love story between two objects or animals. Will they succeed to see beyond their differences? Will they be accepted in their lover’s family? Will love win overall? 

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About Gael and Laura

Gael Doorneweerd-Perry

Gael co-founded Strasbourg’s main improv group La Carpe Haute, and spends his time teaching and performing improv in and outside of France. He is known for his sound effects -even in silent scenes- and his incomparable mimed fishing skills. 

Laura Doorneweerd-Perry

When Laura is not traveling the world, she can be found cycling the Amsterdam canals between her jobs as actress, trainer and AD of TVA Impro. She loves slow motion running, bloody fights and smoking. On stage, that is.

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