By Nasir Engineer

Humans are natural pattern recognizers. We identify patterns through repetition to make our task of remembering easier. This is highly true in the different areas of Improv as well. Patterns emerge in character gestures & quips, in the location created and most importantly in the story. In this workshop, we will understand the following through the different improv activities:

a. Making any idea stand out through repetition
b. Recognizing patterns in gestures and dialogues
c. Playing with repetition in storytelling
d. Studying visual symbols established through patterns in movies        

DATE: Sunday, 14th June

TIME: 11:00am to 1:00pm

CHARGE: 399/- per person

When it comes to brightening up your weekend with genuine laughs, we have you covered! :)

We will share the link to the workshop one day before the registration

(14th June) 

11am - 1:00pm

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