Improv is the most interactive and audience-engaging live entertainment performance you can ask for.

A live performance can feel tedious when an audience sits passively and listens / watches the performers for 60mins straight. But Improv, by nature requires the audience to interact with the performers. All the inspiration to perform improvisation comes from asking the members of the audience questions or even having them join the performance. This engages the crowd all the more and leaves them excited when one of their own goes up on stage. 

Remember, this is NOT stand up comedy. Our duty is to keep the audience member safe and make them look good. 

What you'll get from a live Improv show

Laughter: Improv beings exactly what it is, that is, improvisation, it leads to a lot of fun moments that are genuine and unforced which will leave the audience in splits. 

Relatable Factor: Improv is a lot like life. What we do on stage is invariably derived from our own life experiences. These more often than not connect with the audience and they enjoy it all the more.

Theme: The flexibility of Improv allows for anything to be incorporated in its performance. If there is a certain theme to be highlighted, it can be wonderfully moulded to include the same in the show. 

Audience participation: Audience members can participate, inspire and drive the improvised narrative in the show. This makes them an active part, become more involved and have a better time. 

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