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Improv is for everyone, truly. The foundation that improv is based on are applicable to becoming values for life. Kids are an amazing set of people to learn from and to learn with. So, through our holiday improv workshops, we aim to give your kids the opportunity to be creative in a non-judgemental, playful and inspiring environment. Some of the learning we aim to cover with the kids through this workshop are - being more expressive in thought, encouraging everyone to embrace each one's individuality, working together to build ideas, storytelling, performance skills etc..

Next improv camp - We currently do not have a date for this workshop. You can leave your email ID and phone number with us and we will write back to you once a date and venue is fixed

Duration : 2 hours per session for 8 sessions

Call us on +91 99867 63466 or email us on if you have any queries.

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