Become an improvising champ. Feel confident about going off script and continue to enthrall your listeners.

While a script is essential to give you the support, what if you went off it and focused on listening to the other person and then gave your response? What if you even listened to your intuition and expressed your idea and train of thought personalizing it all the more? These are things that a script cannot ever predict. These can certainly make conversations deeper and engaging. 

What you'll get from our 'Going Off Script' sessions

Better Listening: You will learn how to focus with your complete self and really understand what a person is really trying to say with their choice of of words, tone and body language too. 

Point-by-point improvisation techniques: To go off script doesn't mean to go off tangent. To have a meaningful flow of choices while improvising keeps everything within context. We will teach how to make those choices by breaking down every detail in the scripted and improvised worlds. 

Pausing: The absence of pauses while speaking results in rambling that is unpleasant to the listener. Here we will work on taking pauses, specially before or after valuable statements made to leave an impact.

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