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Improv ensemble

Who are we


The Adamant Eves were formed in September 2017 which is when they debuted with a performance at Rangasthala Auditorium on MG Road. This modern-day coven of badass witches are breaking stereotypes when they take the stage in Improv. 

Our cast

Balasree Viswanathan

Loves taking risks and trying everything! From ballroom dancing to Spanish – her life reads like a hobby sampling platter. After trying out Improv session for fun, there was no turning back. An entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, she can be found in Ola share cabs watching cat videos and trying to preserve what’s left of her personal space.

Shweta Bhat

Shweta Bhat has been many things in her short life - software professional, teacher, writer, counsellor, theatre artist and poet. She prefers to be a Jill of some trades and a Mistress of some. Above all, she believes in doing everything out of love. Improv found her out of the blue with the force of a tornado and her life has been wonderfully chaotic ever since. She's known to guffaw loudly at PJs and talk excessively about nachos.

Kavya Srinivasan

Kavya Srinivasan is a writer, theatre maker and storyteller. She has been on and off stage for the last ten years - acting in a variety of roles and formats. She was in Jagriti Theatre’s acclaimed performance of Alipha, and a 10 show run of Playtonik Production’s Hate Mail. She is an active performing member of Improv Comedy Bangalore, and India’s only currently functioning all women improv troupe, the Adamant Eves.

Laxmi Priya

A connoisseur of the "funner" things in life, Laxmi's energy knows no bounds. Bitten early by the theatre bug, Laxmi uses different forms of theatre to explore the rich myriad of characters that her brain holds. Laxmi can be found zipping to cool events around Bangalore

Lavanya Krishna

A firecracker of a chatterbox who loves the stage. Poetry, puns and bad but clever pick-up lines come a close second. A proud Slytherin, she eats Maggi with curd and makes no apologies; her wardrobe is a fifty shades of grey; cameras and cats scare her while she craves their validation.

Madhu Shukla

The mad one, a gallon of gaiety and a tonne of energy rolled into one small firecracker. She is a walking juke box and the Yes-And way is her first language. An alumna of the National School of Drama, she takes improv into every facet of her life. Her improv practice also includes running after her cat and sipping tea alongside her plants.

Aarti Shastry

Aarti has been performing with ICB for the past 2.5 years. She is also part of India's first all women improv troupe called the adamant Eve's. She enjoys long form improv and is currently working her way to improve her miming abilities.

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