Creating India's Improv Revolution.

We began our journey in June 2015 and since then, we have put India on the global Improv map. We own the Bengaluru Improv Festival, India's first and only Improv festival, completing 2 editions of it. We have performed and taken workshops in 5 different Indian cities and overseas in Sri Lanka and Chicago. 

We have brought the joy of creativity, spontaneity and Improv to over 25 brands including Google, Uber, IBM, Philips, Paperboat etc.

With a dedicated team composition of theatre artists, dancers, psychologists, musicians etc, we bring a level of facilitation, training and performance unlike any other under the ambit of Improv. Our focus areas are: Improv workshops, Improv performances, Creative management and Personal development coaching

Bengaluru Improv Festival

We have successfully brought to India two editions of the Bengaluru Improv Festival, the first and only running Improv festival in the country. In these 2 editions, we have hosted over 200 Improv artists from across 15 different countries and made Bangalore the Improv capital of India. 

Adamant Eves

We are hosts to India's first and only all-women Improv troupe 'The Adamant Eves'. This coven of badass women debuted with their first show in 2017 and since then have taken over the Bengaluru stages by storm. 

12hr Improv-a-thon

We set up and played at India's first 12 hour Improv-a-thon in March 2019. An Improv-a-thon is a continuous series of Improv shows for a straight 12 hours with only a 5-10min break in between each hour.

ICB at Second City

ICB is the first and only Indian team to have performed at the super prestigious Second City Improv stage in Chicago as part of the 20th Chicago Improv Festival in the year 2017.

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